Private Datacenter Proxies - Monthly
Poseidon Proxies

Private Datacenter Proxies - Monthly

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Our in-house private datacenter solution. Every proxy is handmade by our team and hosted on our own servers, 100% Private and only you have access to your proxies.

Use the high-performing speeds of our datacenter proxies to secure hyped items on popular releases where speed is key!

Current Status

Shopify: Working
Footlocker: Working
Footsites: Working
Supreme: Working
Adidas: Working
Nike: Working
Retail (Amazon, Walmart, Target etc.): Working

Please note, that the status can change when you (ab-)use the proxies or when heavy bot protection is in place, so there is no guarantee that your desired site will work.


After the order you will get a list of your proxies to your E-Mail within 24 hours.

If you have any questions, feel free to send us an email at, join our discord server or send us a Twitter DM (@PoseidonProxies)


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