Basic SNKRS Accounts | TIER I
Basic SNKRS Accounts | TIER I

Basic SNKRS Accounts | TIER I

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Basic Accounts

  • Verified Nike/SNKRS Account
  • Unique Private SIM used
  • Works on every Region (US/EU etc.)
  • Delivery usually within 24 hours
  • Gmail Domains
  • Residential Proxies used during Account Creation

Step a foot inside the SNKRS world with these BasicBlitz Accounts! They can be used in any SNKRS Region. 

After purchase you will get a full list with the emails and passwords in email:password format which can easily be imported into a bot of your choice. Please note that delivery can take up to 24 hours.

Note: Even if an account is made for example in the US Region, it can still be used for SNKRS EU, Asia etc. - The accounts can be used for all regions!